About The Brand :)

MakeYouSmile is a clothing brand that was created with the aim of spreading positivity and raising awareness about mental health. The brand was founded by Dylan, a young designer and entrepreneur, and his grandmother, affectionately known as Mama. The two have been working together to create a clothing line that not only looks great but also inspires joy and encourages mental health wellness. 

Dylan's inspiration for starting the brand comes from his mother, who has struggled with mental health issues for as long as he can remember. Growing up, he saw firsthand the impact that mental illness can have on an individual and their family. He wanted to find a way to help his mother and others like her by creating a brand that promotes positivity and self-care. 

MakeYouSmile is dedicated to Dylan's mother and is a reflection of his love and commitment to her. The brand's goal is to spread awareness about mental health and provide a sense of comfort and joy to those who may be struggling. 


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Meet Our Mascot Hearty <3

Introducing Hearty, the beloved mascot of Make You Smile, a heartfelt mental health clothing brand. Hearty is a vibrant and endearing cartoon heart, carefully designed to embody the essence of resilience, love, and the power of a mother's unwavering devotion.

Hearty serves as a powerful symbol, representing the personal journey of the brand's founder, who is inspired by her mother's unwavering strength and enduring love despite her own struggles with mental health. Hearty reflects the founder's deep admiration for her mother's resilience and the profound impact of her love for both her and her grandmother throughout their lives.

With its warm and inviting presence, Hearty aims to create a safe and inclusive space where individuals can openly discuss and embrace their mental health journeys. Hearty's adorable and approachable design serves as a reminder that healing and growth are possible, even in the face of adversity.

Make You Smile's clothing line features unique designs adorned with Hearty, enabling individuals to wear their stories proudly while spreading awareness and advocating for mental health. By wearing Hearty, individuals not only express their own experiences but also stand in solidarity with others, promoting a community of support and understanding.

Hearty's mission is to foster empathy, inspire hope, and encourage conversations about mental health, reminding everyone that they are not alone in their struggles. Together, with Hearty as their guiding light, Make You Smile aims to uplift spirits, share love, and make a positive impact on mental health, one smile at a time.